Month: December 2020


Benefits Of Using Only Graphics Cards In Your Gaming PC

As technology has advanced, so have the choices available for computer users when it comes to purchasing a graphics card and a system to use with it. The first choice was an integrated graphics card; today there are many different options that are becoming available. One of the most popular is the integrated graphics card […]

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Pc Games For Linux – Install Phenomenal Gaming Performance With Latest Pc Games For Linux

If you like adventure games and free online games then you must try PC games for Linux. This is a new release from the well known gaming group id Software, which is based in New York. The game has been redesigned with the Linux operating system in mind and is compatible with it. You can […]

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Changing Your Internet Protocol Number Is A Must For Computer Security

Internet Protocol version 6 was introduced in the year 2000 with the introduction of the Domain Name System (DNS). The Internet itself is an IP-based protocol. What this means is that, like all other protocols, IP version 6 has to be translated into an IP address, which can be done in a number of ways. […]

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Social Media

Why Anonymous Social Networks Is a Must For Smartphone Users

Anonymous social networks are a part of social media that entails various types of users in connecting with each other. Anonymous social networks are basically networks where users perform communication in the internet with another user by using encryption or codes in various platforms such as Facebook, MySpace, twitter, etc. Anonymous social networks allow users […]

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