Choosing a Web Hosting Plan

A web hosting service basically is a kind of Internet hosting service which enables people and organizations to create their site accessible to the world through the World Wide Web. It offers hosting, domain registration, email accounts, and content management tools to make websites accessible for users in various browsers and on various platforms. The most important part of hosting services is the control panel. This part facilitates the users to edit the website contents as well as installing programs such as scripts and databases.

Web hosting has different kinds. There are free, shared, reseller, managed dedicated servers and virtual dedicated servers. These different types of hosting provide different features and benefits to the clients. Let us check out these different types of web hosting services and know how they work:

Shared web hosting provider This type of web hosting provider provides several kinds of server resources to its clients. These resources include the operating system, database server software, the web server software, mail server software, and the hardware. It also provides the clients with a control panel, domain name, and other services needed for website management. A shared web hosting provider must ensure that all servers are in good condition and are upgraded periodically to ensure optimal performance and stability. Some of these providers use the open source solution that allows them to customize and optimize the website while still being HIPAA compliant.

Managed dedicated server providers This kind of hosting plans are usually used by companies or individuals who need the best quality web hosting services but do not have the financial ability to invest in them. The managed dedicated server providers ensure that their clients always get reliable and high quality service. They normally maintain two different pools of hosting customers. In one pool, they keep the dedicated servers, while in another pool they keep the shared hosting customers. Both these types of hosting plans offer various features and benefits to the clients.

Reseller hosting account If you need more disk space, additional bandwidth, and additional features on your hosting account, then it is time that you consider a reseller hosting account. Reseller hosting accounts allow you to use up-to-date technology to increase the traffic to your website while still saving you money. By using the reseller accounts, you can also increase the amount of income that you earn from your website.

Before choosing a web hosting plan, make sure that you are opting for the right one. Although many companies claim to offer reliable, high quality services, it is still important to verify the details. Most importantly, find out if the web host company can provide you with a reasonable bandwidth limit, and if the company will be able to meet your needs.

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