How to Find the Best Mobile App Developers

Mobile applications (apps) are programs that run on smartphones or tablets that allow the user to access information, complete tasks or play a game. Mobile apps are accessible via app stores – digital distribution platforms for software – which provide their download.

Mobile applications can generally be broken into two distinct categories: native and web-based apps. Native apps are tailored specifically for one operating system such as iOS or Android and utilize its native programming languages and tools for maximum performance and access to APIs compared with web-based apps.

In-house development

Companies seeking to develop customer-facing apps may benefit from hiring a dedicated team of mobile developers. Finding qualified teams should include designers, market researchers, quality analysts and quality analysts – if that option suits your company well! Developing in-house takes both time and money; you may require office space hires as well as providing high-end devices for development purposes.

Dedicated teams tend to be more familiar with your company’s culture and policies, making them easier to work with and increasing productivity faster while decreasing learning curves as well as improving communication and coordination.

In-house mobile app development may be more cost-effective than outsourcing; however, you must first carefully assess its risks and pitfalls before making a final decision. Also ensure you find a partner who is experienced enough in managing both project requirements and budget – otherwise you could end up spending more than necessary.


Outsourcing mobile app development services offers entrepreneurs a cost and hassle-free alternative to setting up in-house teams, thereby speeding time to market. However, it’s essential that they know the risks associated with outsourcing as well as how best to mitigate them.

Professional outsourcing companies will assign a dedicated team to oversee quality assurance during development. Furthermore, rigorous testing across devices and platforms should help identify any potential issues and rectify them prior to launch of an app, creating an impressive end product.

When selecting a mobile app development outsourcing provider, take note of their communication practices, client testimonials and experience working with clients from different locations. Evaluate their team composition as well as any tools used for project management or collaboration with clients. Furthermore, inquire into hourly rates, pricing models and post-launch support before selecting the partner which best meets your needs and budget. Make sure that a precise project scope and expectation setting document is also created before choosing your partner.


Addition of freelancers can add a fresh perspective and creative ideas that every brand requires, but it is essential that you understand their working practices and what to look out for in an ideal freelancer.

Freelancers generally work on contract and only take on projects when there’s actual project work to be completed. They don’t have to worry about payroll taxes, benefits or paid time off like full-time employees do.

Some freelancers choose to specialize in one service while others provide multiple. Either way, they should develop a plan for finding work and communicating with clients as well as managing workflows and expense tracking systems. They should also register themselves with the correct tax rates as well as taking out business/income insurance policies to cover unexpected events that arise.

App Store optimization

App store optimization (ASO) is an indispensable strategy for mobile app developers looking to drive organic installs and increase app success. ASO involves employing various strategies in order to optimize an app’s title, keywords, description, icon and screenshots as well as identify and target specific users that can help increase downloads.

Keywords are at the core of any ASO strategy. Not only should they be relevant to your app, but they should also be popular enough so that your product can compete effectively with its competition. ASO tools provide invaluable assistance in finding keywords with high search volumes while meeting user intent criteria.

App stores take into account more than keywords when ranking apps; their ranking algorithms take into account downloads, ratings and ranks as well. Increased downloads and positive ratings will boost your ranks – though be wary not to repeatedly prompt users with pain points as this could lead to negative reviews and lead ASO tools such as SEMrush to track rankings and make adjustments as needed.

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