Tips on Configuring a BSNL SIP Configuration for Your Business

It is common for small and medium sized companies to be apprehensive of switching from the analog telephone system (or ATA) to IP telephone system. The reason for this is that it is believed that switching from analog to IP system will involve a large capital outlay as well as a long period of downtime for the company’s network. On the other hand, there are some very compelling reasons why switching from ATA to VoIP is a better option.

The cost of using a BSNL SIP configuration is extremely low in comparison to the cost of maintaining an IP network. There are many well known companies that offer IP telephone system solutions at affordable price rates. There are even well known vendors which offer systems at much cheaper rates than others. All that one needs to do is to shop around a bit and ensure that they get the best deal. However, it is imperative to understand that an IP network is much more complex than a BSNL SIP configuration and that it may not necessarily be easy to adapt the existing BSNL system to a VoIP system.

Apart from this, there is another compelling reason for making the switch to IP telephony. Consider the issue of redundancy. If any of the IP networks were to experience a failure, then the business would be completely unable to operate. This may cause severe financial problems for the business and may lead to long-term problems as well. On the other hand, a BSNL SIP system provides resilience and redundancy to the business and these can be used in the case of a failure.

Many small and medium sized businesses do not have advanced IT infrastructure and do not have the ability to test their systems for security vulnerabilities nor is there the budget to upgrade their systems. In such a scenario, the small business must rely on the BSNL SIP configuration to make sure that the call is made in the best possible manner. An IP based phone solution provides security and access control to the users through a gateway, which is also called an IP telephone server.

The IP telephone system allows the user to make calls over the internet with a normal telephone. The calls are made on a secured, public IP network rather than on the corporate internal phone network. The business can be assured of a reliable and fast connection to the internet as well as a reliable and secure phone connection. This helps in reducing costs and increasing returns by improving productivity, extending the reach of the business, and avoiding expensive mistakes and miscommunications.

If you are looking for a BSNL SIP configuration, then the ideal choice would be that of an IP-based service provider. There are numerous such service providers in the market but it is important to choose a service provider that has been in the industry for a considerable period of time. This will help you get value for money and ensure smooth and trouble-free connection to your company’s telephone system.

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