Latest Trends in Video Editing Software for Content Creators

Great advancements have also been made in video editing software, from AI integration to cloud collaboration; these four trends are transforming the video creation process.

An emotion-based, automated colour and sound alteration tool will edit the footage to match the creator’s desired emotion, democratising the high-end production techniques we have at our hands.

360-Degree View Video Editing

With 360-degree video editing, you have the ability to put together footage in a way that transports VR audience members into a fully immersive reality where they can look as they please. Stitching is the first post-production step, which combines the views from multiple cameras into a single spherical image or video, using special software, or the stitching capabilities built into some VR cameras. VSDC is a program for editing footage taken with 360-degree cameras, that also works well with videos that are flattened to a 120deg panoramic angle (Flattening 360-degree videos: an opportunity for editors without experience – part 1 and part 3). It offers a considerable set of functions, including those that turn the flattened footage into rather handy reading-friendly material (if you add titles and charts that tilt with the footage), such as the capability to correct ambient noise and add Dynamic and Film 3D effects, to playback and combine Ambisonic audio tracks, and so on.

AI Integration

With video-editing skills, creators can use their videos in multiple contexts and across different channels. Cut a 15-minute YouTube video into several bite-sized TikTok clips or a series of compilation clips for Instagram stories. Video editing gives creators the ability to traffic their own content to any channel they want, and then sit back as advertisers and consumers continue to flock. As virtual reality content becomes more mainstream, software has started to develop a subset of tools with VR/360-degree video in mind. Colour grading and HDR become another important set of tools that help creators create compelling material and surprise their viewers. These also include keyboard shortcuts that save time and brings back my focus to more creative parts of production. To beginner newcomers this often accelerates the learning and workflow progress making the work more productive and efficient.

Cloud-Based Collaboration

Cloud collaboration is being embraced by video editing software as an alternative way of improving workflow and productivity within a highly collaborative environment, but also allows for agile working – ideal for the modern video producer, for whom being on the move is the norm. Adobe Premiere Rush combines editing tools into a unified package, with touch-based editing options for a mobile-first experience – vital for editing YouTube Shorts and TikTok-style videos that are shot vertically. Editing tools are also being infused with machine learning – providing new advanced colour correction suggestions, or largely democratising high-end production techniques. On the ground, the use of AR/VR (augmented reality/virtual reality) technology brings editors into their footage allowing them to edit with previously unimaginable levels of control and interactivity. We are entering an era of exciting, dynamic and engaging video storytelling.

Adaptive AI Learning

Adaptive AI learning programmes are increasingly used in video-editing software, so that the programme itself tracks learner interactions, analyses data on engagement and performance, and presents new content based on these insights, changes learning paths and can even predict outcomes. By enabling learners to acquire skills at their own rate of development and encouraging them to produce more interesting content, learner retention and achievement can markedly increase. It’s ideal for creators who want the perfect tool with all of the ingredients to make great videos at their fingertips – which is just as well, because that’s exactly what we’ve created. Riverside allows you to capture footage up to 4K for top-quality videos, with an accurate timeline editor and Magic Clips, which automatically identifies the most exciting moments in video recordings and makes them easy to cut into quick clips – such as for sharing on TikTok or YouTube Shorts. Its intuitive graphical user interface offers a variety of functionalities including written, pictorial and music editing and layering of tracks to assemble the final output after testing different audiovisual elements in combination.

AI-Powered Templates

For even the most experienced producers, video editing can get complicated. For the best online video editor, this means lots and lots of free templates and editable presets, so creation can be automated but content doesn’t take a back seat. With text-to-video converters, a creator can create a video at his or her fingertips, tailored directly to audiences he or she wants to reach, and tools like these can generate real results! Similarly, these tools can help people who aren’t technically savvy. Text-to-video converters turn big blocks of text into videos, and mood-based editors colour and music your video based on the emotions you want it to create — making video production easy for almost anyone! In view of the increasing demand for video content, there is now software that enables seamless editing experiences, where professional and amateur editors can enjoy a wide array of creativity empowerment, including cloud colloboration, AI integration and the magical 3D video editing to create videos.

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