Best Animation Software

Finding the ideal animation software will provide you with everything necessary to produce stunning visuals, but with so many choices out there it may be difficult to select which tool best meets your needs.

As a way of aiding you in your endeavors, we’ve compiled a list of the best animation apps for beginners. These applications offer simple to use interfaces with features such as templates, auto lip-sync capabilities and facial expression libraries.

Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate is the go-to animation software program for professional-grade results. Boasting over 40 features to assist animators in producing 2D graphics and videos across platforms, Adobe Animate’s vector drawing tools enable animators to craft crisp scalable graphics while keeping memory usage down. Plus, its integration capabilities into existing digital platforms makes the app extremely user friendly!

Requiring an advanced learning curve, but providing access to tutorials makes the process simpler for newcomers. Furthermore, its resource consumption requires a computer with decent specs in order to run smoothly.

Adobe Animate’s Rig Edit Mode is one of the most useful features, enabling you to make modifications without deforming your creations and perfect for character rigging and animating complex movements. Furthermore, this program boasts other creative-enhancing tools like live brushes and motion tracking that add depth and dimension.


Flipsnack is a publishing platform that enables users to easily create page-flip catalogs, magazines, brochures and presentations from PDFs or directly on websites using its drag-and-drop editor with various templates and features – including videos and links – and tools for team collaboration and project management.

This platform is especially beneficial to businesses, providing users with various statistics options like views, impressions, locations and engagements to gain valuable feedback and optimize their business strategy.

Flipsnack in Education provides schools and classrooms with a special service for creating school newspapers, brochures, prospectuses, yearbooks, classroom magazines, book reports, presentations, and other educational materials. Students use this platform to collaborate on school newspapers, brochures, prospectuses, yearbooks, classroom magazines, book reports presentations or other educational materials in an easy and safe way while the software also facilitates interactive multimedia presentations or e-learning content creation.


Crello is an intuitive design tool that is simple for non-designers to use and customize graphics and videos, from templates and elements, to the full media library of photos, videos, audio, and more. Users can upload their own images and video clips for custom designs or upload a customized design from scratch.

Crello offers many features that set it apart from other graphic design tools, including being able to add text and graphics, adjust colors, resize images and videos, as well as adding music for videos. Furthermore, Crello provides access to an impressive variety of fonts which can help designers craft unique designs.

Crello may be widely popular, yet it still has several shortcomings that limit its usefulness for beginner graphic designers. Customization options may be limited and it does not offer comprehensive technical support – although users do get seven days free trial of the software before starting their subscription plan.

PicsArt Animator

PicsArt Animator is one of the top Android animation apps, offering users features for creating animated video clips and cartoons, adding music or voiceover, adding music and voice over, drawing tools, stickers and much more.

PicsArt Animator’s simple user interface and powerful drawing engine makes it an excellent choice for animators of any skill level. No prior experience is required to operate it effectively; however, teachers should provide students with a tutorial before using this app in class.

This app’s only drawback is its lack of a stabilizer, which would greatly improve animations. Still, it makes an ideal tool for animators wanting to create simple animated drawings, although not suitable for complex projects. Furthermore, an eraser should always be part of any animation tool; on top of all that it is free with no ads present!

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