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Social media are dynamic, creative technologies which enable the generation or sharing/ exchange/ creation/ sharing of ideas, professions, interests, and virtually any other types of expression through online interactive networks and virtual communities. Social networking has become one of the key trends in web 2.0 design and development as it enables the exchange and creation of content and ideas online. These online communities can be called as virtual worlds or “online social cities”. Social networking is a term which describes the process of building and maintaining relationships on the web, particularly through forums and social media websites. These online social communities can be categorized as user generated, user-initiated, or driven by another organization or person.

Social media websites are typically platforms that allow users to create, share and analyze media. Social media websites use multimedia, images, video and text to share information and interact with each other. These media are usually created, managed and promoted by the platform provider such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and so forth. The concept of social media has changed the manner in which companies and marketing agencies to design and develop their promotional campaigns, websites, and online marketing strategies.

The scope and purpose of the social media platform vary from person to person and platform to platform. These social networks provide a common platform for individuals to connect and share thoughts, ideas, stories, ideas and also generate feedback and comments. Many of these networks are classified as user-initiated and driven by another individual or group, while others are governed by an outside source such as third party marketing agencies. For example, blogs are generally user-initiated, but they may be governed by a third party company that runs the blogging platform.

Some of the most popular social media users include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn. Social networking sites are used by individuals to share information and engage with others. However, users do not need to have a business or product in order to use these sites to share information and engage in conversation. The use of blogs for blogging is not as popular or widespread as the use of sites such as Twitter and Facebook, and this gap is widening as more social media users begin to use these sites for sharing information about a particular brand or product.

Social media via the internet is often referred to as Web 2.0, because it has taken on the characteristics of the world wide web. This type of sharing is considered very powerful and allows users to interact with each other on a much more personal level than could be achieved through more traditional forms of Internet communication. Social media users can share photographs, video, links, text, audio and applications. The use of social media via the web-based networks is increasing as more people begin to rely on these web-based services.

The increased popularity of social media has provided marketers and businesses with a new tool to promote their brands and products. As more businesses create their own social media accounts, the value of this type of networking will become clear. It is also an excellent way for small businesses to broaden their reach and create awareness among a larger audience. Social media sharing offers social media gurus a lucrative new opportunity to make a significant profit as more businesses are creating and posting content on their websites.

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