Problems of Technology Transfer

Technology is the combination of any new methods, skills, systems, and methods used in the creation of new products or services or in their realization of corresponding goals, like scientific research. The process of technology transfer is intimately connected with the process of innovation. It is an increasingly important aspect of business activity and plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of technology.

The term technology can refer to scientific knowledge, information technology, machine technology, software technology, communication technology, digital technology, energy technology, environmental technology, and other things like digital cameras, television sets, airplanes, power generators, satellites, telecom equipment, medical devices, computer technology, and other things like electronics, information technology, telecommunications, digital signage, and other things like that. The history of technology can be divided into two major periods: pre-modern and post-modern. The pre-modern period is associated with the development of culture and society through the age-old cultures of Ancient Greece and Rome. These were the times when there was no major progress in technology.

The second period of technological change saw major transformations in almost all areas of life. One notable instance was the development of the modern industrial revolution, which was led by the rise of the machine-driven industries in nineteenth century. Machines are the key to every day life, and provided the means for increased productivity and economic development. Almost every aspect of life has been touched by the machine: transportation, domestic help, industrial products, scientific development, and even politics. A key aspect in this development was the arrival of an influential teacher, Schatzburg. His powerful polemic against bureaucratic tendencies and his focus on practicality and creativity as the path to economic success made him a unique figure in the development of twentieth century intellectualism.

Since then, the twentieth century has seen immense technological progress. There have been profound changes in almost all the fields of human thought. In fact, twenty first century scholars regard Schatzburg as the most important thinker of the entire era. The areas in which he focused most attention were: art, aesthetics, social science, education, technology, and technology studies.

In his book, Problems of Technology transfer, Schatzburg recognized two main categories of things like communication and information technology. He also considered five categories of technologies, which he saw as essential for any progressive society and civilization. These were culture, technological progress, power, money, and politics. Each of these is discussed in detail in his book.

Cultural Approach The other main concept of Schatzberg’s philosophy is his cultural approach to technology. This concept, according to him, looks at technological systems as part of human culture and thus an extension of human activity. His argument is that because technology is part of our daily activity, it cannot be removed from our lives. Therefore, technological systems are embedded in our culture, which must be considered just as an extension of culture. According to him, a technological system is only as good as its users.

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