Recent Game Releases

While February was a busy month for game releases, March was not so quiet. Highlights of March include the release of Gran Turismo 7, PlatinumGames’ Babylon’s Fall, and the Team Ninja-developed Final Fantasy game. Tunic was also released in March. April is a relatively quiet month for game releases, with most games being ports of previously released titles. But, if you love role-playing games and want to give them a try, check out these recommendations.

Xbox Series gamers can return to the medieval era with Chivalry 2: The first-person swordmaster game. Microsoft Flight Simulator, a console version of the PC game, is a sure hit. The game creators will also love Ninja Gaiden Master Collection, an updated version of the classic ninja action-adventure game. If you can’t wait for May, you can always play one of these games.

The latest Bethesda game is an open-world RPG, and it’s the developer’s first new original IP in 25 years. It’s set in a sci-fi universe and features a brand new engine. However, fans of Bethesda games have been disappointed with the frequent bugs in previous releases. But Starfield is set to change that with its first release of the Creation Engine 2.

The latest Assassin’s Creed game, Dead Island, is also on the way to becoming a hit. The developers partnered with Team17 for this game and are targeting a late-year Steam Early Access release. Pre-orderers will be able to download a closed alpha, so that they can check out the game before it hits the market. The game’s huge cast is an unexpected boon for fans of the series.

Another notable game in India is AGNI, a role-playing and third-person shooter that meets international standards. Players will face the denizens of the underworld in this action-packed game. With visually stunning environments, AGNI promises to be a high-quality game for gamers. Players can choose from four different characters, each with different attributes, skills, and weapons. And while you might be playing one of these characters, it is important to consider the other characters in the game.

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