The Best Accounting Software For Small Businesses

Compliance requires recording business transactions using appropriate accounting software. Doing so helps avoid costly errors and facilitates tax reports more easily.

The best accounting software programs combine features for reconciliation, reporting, invoicing and accessibility with user-friendly interfaces that include inventory management tools and mobile apps.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online is one of the leading accounting software options for small business owners, being both affordable and user-friendly. Acquaintances and bookkeepers alike understand it well, making tracking financial data simple. Plus it supports multiple devices.

QuickBooks provides automated tasks to save you time and reduce human error, including matching bank and credit card transactions automatically, categorizing expenses and sales revenues, importing bills and adding inventory items and tracking payments all in one convenient place.

With its advanced reporting features and transaction tags, our software empowers you to make informed decisions regarding the finances of your business. Furthermore, this system can generate the trial balance and general ledger reports required at tax time.


NetSuite provides an all-encompassing business solution, streamlining bookkeeping, accounting and financial tasks with ease while also enabling users to monitor business performance and make data-driven decisions. The software was created specifically to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes and industries.

Their financial management system automates bookkeeping tasks such as generating invoices, updating general ledger entries, tracking accounts receivable and payable and processing payments, while supporting complex revenue recognition standards as well as multi-currency support.

NetSuite is designed for ease of use and integration with other business systems. With real-time reporting capabilities that offer real visibility into operational and financial performance, as well as functionality enabling companies to project their financial future and manage compliance requirements, NetSuite provides numerous advantages to companies of all sizes.


Xero is designed to be intuitive and straightforward, even for users without an accounting background. The dashboard provides an overview of your company’s financial health including bank and book balances, outstanding receivables, overdue payables and short-term cash flow charts that show bills or invoices expected to affect it in the upcoming week.

Xero can import bank and credit card transactions automatically, providing real-time bookkeeping. Furthermore, its customizable watchlist lets you keep an eye on accounts that are essential to your business and helps reconcile books by suggesting matches between bank statement lines and entries in Xero.

Xero doesn’t provide telephone support, but has extensive self-help materials and tutorials for customers to reference. There’s also an active customer community known as Xero Central where customers can discuss accounting software use in general.

Zoho Books

Zoho Books is an impressive accounting software solution that is equipped with many features small businesses need, such as client portals, payment reminders, recurring invoicing, bank reconciliation and advanced reporting. Furthermore, process automation tools help users reduce time spent performing repetitive tasks.

The software is user-friendly, offering budgeting and cash flow analysis reports as well as budget planning functionality. Ideal for both professional accountants as well as non-accountants alike, and it can even be customized to meet specific requirements.

Additionally, this platform boasts an automated workflow for tracking expenses and categorizing financial transactions, while its flexible invoicing system enables you to create invoices easily while sending payment reminders easily. Furthermore, this platform can track inventory levels as well as sales for service- and product-based businesses alike – perfect for both types of businesses!


Neat is an easy, smart solution designed to simplify management organization and make tax season less taxing. By scanning receipts and documents to capture information quickly while eliminating manual data entry through its patented technology, it helps save both time and effort during data entry processes. Furthermore, its easy reporting capability enables users to quickly locate any needed details quickly.

Neat lets you share files and folders with others – whether or not they use Neat themselves – without incurring additional setup charges. Connect bank accounts to reduce duplicate entries and facilitate tax preparation more easily. Neat starts at $23 a month when paid annually; free trials are available as well. It makes a great option for individuals looking for an accounting solution without extensive setup requirements.

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