What You Need to Know About Computer Hardware

The hardware that makes up your computer is the parts that actually perform the job. This includes your CPU, your memory, your monitor, your printer, your speakers, your power supply and more. Each piece of computer hardware plays an important role in keeping your machine running smoothly. So it’s important to know exactly what they are, and how they work.


Monitors are sophisticated pieces of technology that help display information. They are used in computers to allow users to view pictures and videos and interact with the computer. These products are available in different shapes and sizes, varying in functionality.

Monitors can be divided into three categories. The first is the general-use monitor. This type is usually found in work or home offices. It is primarily used to run web browsers and Microsoft Office applications.

Another category is professional design monitors. These can enhance a creative ambiance. Professional monitors require a computer that can run programs and be equipped with a compatible GPU.


A printer is a device that transfers information from a computer to a piece of paper. Printers are used to print text, images, and other media. These devices can vary in cost, speed, and sophistication.

There are two main types of printers, laser and inkjet. Laser printers are faster and produce sharp images. Inkjet printers are cheaper and easier to use. However, inkjets are sensitive to UV light and the colors may fade under sunlight.

Most printers come with Postscript support. This allows users to create images that can be displayed on screen displays and slide recorders. It also gives the user control over the font size and format of the output.


Computer speakers are one of the standard output devices used by computer systems. They can be found in either internal or external designs. Depending on the computer, there may be two or more loudspeakers, a subwoofer and a few other bits and pieces.

A good computer speaker should be able to reproduce sound in a clear and nuanced way. Often, a lower quality speaker is too close to the listener to achieve this.

The most basic types of speakers are the woofer and the tweeter. Woofers work well in the low frequency range, while tweeters cover the high frequencies.

These speakers can be wired, wireless or a combination of the two. Some are even built into laptop computers.

Power supply

A power supply for computer hardware is a vital component. It converts mains AC power into usable DC power. This is done by a transformer, rectifier, and filters. The unit may also have some type of overcurrent and overvoltage protection.

Most modern computers use switched mode power supplies. These units are more efficient and are lighter than linear power supplies. They are less expensive, too.

The power supply for computer hardware can be divided into two major categories: ATX and EPS. The ATX variety is usually found in desktop PCs, while the EPS type is ideal for servers. Both types have similar features, but some variations are available.


The memory of your computer hardware is one of the main components that help keep your system running smoothly. A corrupted memory may lead to unpredictable results. So it is important to understand the various types of memory that are used by your system.

There are three main types of memory. They are volatile (DRAM), non-volatile (SRAM) and flash memory. Each of these has different uses and costs.

Dynamic Random Access Memory, also known as DRAM, is one of the most common RAMs in computers. However, it is expensive and requires constant power to retain data.

Static Random Access Memory, or SRAM, is faster than DRAM. It also has less access time.

Output devices

Output devices are hardware components of a computer that allow the user to manipulate and understand the data coming from the computer system. These components include the monitor, the mouse, and the speaker.

Monitors are one of the most important output devices in a computer. They display information in a form that can be understood by most people. This is made possible by millions of tiny dots called pixels. The number of pixels in the picture is a major factor in the quality of the image.

Another output device is the printer. A printer is a machine that produces high-quality prints of information from a computer. Some types of printers use lasers or inkjets to produce the printed materials.

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