Xbox Game Passes – All You Need To Know About This New Video Game Subscription

Xbox Game Pass is an online video game subscription service by Microsoft for use with the Xbox Series X & Xbox One consoles and Windows 10. It is the service that will allow players of games belonging to the Xbox brand to experience new releases through monthly membership fees. The name of the service was really coined by its manufacturer, the parent company of Xbox. For a one time fee, the Xbox Game Passes feature provides a player with a month of unlimited access to a library of games. This means that the player will be able to play games whenever he wants without having to pay any additional costs for that. This offer lasts as long as the player has his Xbox Game Passes activated.

By taking advantage of the Xbox Game Pass service, owners of the Xbox One and Xbox 360 can experience the new releases on their preferred platform without having to pay extra costs for it. The service also provides various other benefits, such as special editions, discounts, free games and more. For instance, the Xbox Game Passes Ultimate Edition is composed of games from the newest releases of the Xbox One family. This selection includes Killzone Shadowfall, FIFA 14, Titanfall, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and others.

The Xbox Game Passes Ultimate Edition contains all of the content of the standard Xbox Game Pass. This includes the games that were released in early months only for the Xbox Live Arcade game service. However, if you happen to find that there are several other new games being added to the list each month, you can purchase Xbox Game Passes for additional access.

The Xbox Game Pass is applicable to purchases only on the Xbox platform and not on the various other competing platforms of Sony and Nintendo. The advantage of using this pass for video games is that you will get instant access to a list of popular Xbox titles available for sale. This means that you will never miss out on the newest releases, no matter which game they are. You also get to experience the games in high definition quality. With the Xbox Game Passes, you never have to worry about going on a long wait for a specific game or episode of a TV series that you wish to catch up with.

With the new Xbox Game Pass, you get unlimited access to download games and enjoy them at any time of the day. You need not worry about whether you are at home or at work because you will always have access to the latest releases and great games in all the latest platforms. With your Xbox Game Pass, you can enjoy gaming in coordination with other members of your family and friends.

If you are planning on purchasing the Xbox Game Passes, it is best to check whether the service is offered in your country or not. Although the service is not available in all countries, most of the Xbox Live Gold memberships offer the service in the United States of America, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany. However, you need not worry about this as Microsoft has taken measures to allow gamers to have access to it wherever they may be. The Pass is available at a nominal annual fee and gives you access to Xbox games and Xbox live gold for a full year. Thus, you need not worry about the prices or the subscription, once you purchase the Xbox Game Pass.

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