Comparison of Linux Softwares to Windows Operating Systems

Linux softwares are free software packages that operate and run on top of a Linux operating system. Linux is an open source OS based on the Linux operating system, an operating platform first released in September 1991. Linux is typically available as a package in a Linux Distribution.

Linux has the ability to function as an open source operating system with Linux having been designed with an emphasis on user freedom. Linux started out as an operating system for computers connected via a modem. Later, an operating machine called Red Hat was developing to run more efficiently than Linux at times when the load per CPU resource was greater. In recent years, however, Linux has become much more widely used and is now available in the form of a Linux Distribution.

The Linux kernel is responsible for executing all functions performed by the Linux system, which also makes it the most widely used programming platform in the world. All programs, commands and options that the user executes are passed through the kernel. A small amount of code is loaded into user memory at start up time called “root” and is controlled by the kernel. The root facility is one of the main reasons why Linux is so efficient. It controls everything, the operating system does, including commands the user runs at boot time. Linux can be loaded as a user space or kernel space program.

A small amount of memory like Windows is preloaded in Windows 95 but could run much faster if memory is preloaded in Linux. The Windows registry is much larger than the Linux one, making Windows boot up slower than Linux due to the larger file system. Also, while Windows stores many registry entries, Linux doesn’t. So, while Linux boots faster, Windows is actually a better option for inexperienced users or business users where important data is stored on the hard disk.

Linux has a very user friendly graphical interface where anything can be viewed easily, like in Windows. Graphical interface in Linux is something like Windows but much more superior. With just a click in your mouse, anything can be done in Linux and we can say everything in Linux has an easy user interface. You would find it easy to learn Linux if you wanted to do something complicated with Linux like install Linux. But if you want to just install Linux, you can do it with ease and the installation will only take minutes.

In Windows we need to install a program called “ADVANTAGE” to allow our computer to boot faster by displaying all the boot menus. In Linux we don’t need this because we always boot up our computers from our kernels. If we want to disable the graphics then we can do so in the BIOS but it’s not necessary in most cases. While both operating systems can perform in the same level, they are different in their features and abilities.

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