Buying products through Corporate Licensing, the customer only pays for the licensing rights. Media, for the installation of the product, is provided to the customer free of charge or can be ordered separately. A carrier can be used as a reference for setting that allows you not only to reduce the cost of acquisition, but also eliminate the complexities, associated with the deployment of the product on a number of PCs in the organization.

In addition, the cost of licenses, acquired through Corporate Licensing, is determined by the size of order - the larger the purchase, the bigger discount can get the client.

Microsoft offers a number of programs, designed for organizations of various types and sizes, also you can find cheap oem software download licenses:

Microsoft Open License - simple and easy way to purchase the rights to use Microsoft software products for small and medium-sized companies with 5 or more computers and large companies.

Microsoft Open Value - new unified corporate licensing program, in which customers of small and medium-sized businesses will be able to choose the most convenient way for them to license Microsoft products for any business.

Microsoft Open Value Subscription - the new Volume Licensing program, which allows organizations with 5 or more computers, the most profitable and easy way to license a set of key Microsoft products for all common PC.

Software Assurance - the program not only gives you instant access to the latest products and technologies, but will get the most out of the money, invested in the purchase of the software.

Programs for educational and medical institutions - Microsoft offers a variety of flexible licensing programs that meet the needs of teachers and students from various educational institutions - universities, colleges and schools, as well as health workers.

The program for government agencies - the licensing program for government agencies enables government agencies to purchase volume licenses for Microsoft products on special conditions.

Rent. Using software in computer clubs.

Applications rental at service provider (ASP) - if your organization has a number of reasons not profitable maintain its own information infrastructure, it can involve external service providers to do the job.